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Eyebrow Microblading (2-2.5hr)

Hair strokes are drawn with a row of fine needles inserted in a hand tool giving the realistic appearance and most natural look of eyebrow hairs, ideal to fill in between your eyebrow hair.

Reg : $450        *Special: $260 (including one free touch up within 2 months)

Eyebrow Shading/Ombre (2-2.5hr)

Pigment is applied in a soft shading technique giving a lighter bulb and more definition in the body and tail of the eyebrow. Ideal for those who are not candidates for hair strokes/microblading or want more of a defined makeup look.

Reg: $450

3D Microfusion Eyebrows (3hrs)

This procedure involves the microblading (hair stroke) and shading techniques for a fuller and voluminous look, ideal for those who want a more sophisticated yet soft makeup look, have partial brows or have no brow hair.

Reg: $600        *Special: $300  (including one free touch up within 2 months)

Eyeblow Touch Up

Within 9-12 months:$100

Within 12 -18 months: $150