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Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into specific acupoints to trigger the release of endorphins, providing relief from muscle and nerve pain while promoting natural healing. This technique is effective in treating various conditions, including chronic pain, stress, and other health issues. When combined with massage and cupping, acupuncture yields even more remarkable results. At our clinic, our experienced Registered Acupuncturists (R. Ac) are also skilled Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), some with over 40 years of expertise, ensuring you receive the best care.

Acupuncture with Massage
  • 45 min — $90
  • 60 min —  $105
  • 75 min — $130
  • 90 min — $150
Acupuncture with Cupping

  • 45 min — $90
  • 60 min — $105
  • 75 min — $130
  • 90 min — $150

*All above prices includes tax.  Prices are effective as of November 30, 2023.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is acupuncture painful?

Acupuncture is not considered painful; rather, it provides a sense of relief and relaxation. Most people describe the sensation as a mild tingling or a dull ache at the site of needle insertion. The needles used in acupuncture are extremely thin, much finer than those used for injections or blood tests. Additionally, skilled acupuncturists are trained to minimize any discomfort during the process. Therefore, it’s important to seek acupuncture from a licensed and experienced practitioner for the most comfortable and effective experience.

Is my acupuncture covered by insurance?

Yes, some insurance plans in Ontario, Canada, do cover acupuncture treatments when performed by a Registered acupuncturist (R. Ac). However, coverage can vary depending on your specific insurance policy and provider. It’s recommended that you check with your insurance company directly or review your policy documents, for the most current and accurate information about your coverage before you book your appointment.

Which is better for my condition: acupuncture or massage therapy?

Both acupuncture and massage therapy are effective treatments, but they excel in different areas. Massage therapy is superb for addressing muscle tension, knots, and improving flexibility. However, for specific conditions where the root of the pain lies deeper and isn’t easily accessible through massage alone, acupuncture steps in with distinct advantages. Chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, or sciatica can find relief through acupuncture’s targeted approach. Additionally, acupuncture can be effective for migraines and stress-related conditions such as anxiety or insomnia.

The choice between acupuncture and massage depends on your specific condition and goals. In many cases, a combination of both therapies can provide comprehensive benefits. Consulting with our experienced Registered Acupuncturists will help you determine the best approach for your individual needs.