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Couples Massage Therapy

A couples massage is a therapeutic experience where two individuals receive massages at the same time, in the same room, from two different massage therapists. Featuring eight generously sized couples massage rooms, we provide the perfect environment for you to relax and bond with a loved one or a close friend.

RMT Massage   60 min — $210/couple

RMT Massage    90 min — $300/couple

Hot Stone Massage  60 min — $150/couple

Hot stone massage   90 min — $220/couple

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Frequently Asked Questions

What occasions make a couple's massage an excellent choice?

Booking a couple’s massage is a fantastic idea for various special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other noteworthy event, treating your loved ones to a relaxing massage is a thoughtful way to celebrate. It’s also an excellent opportunity for family bonding, creating a shared spa experience that strengthens ties. Likewise, for close friends, a couple’s massage can be a wonderful way to commemorate your deep bond. If a wedding is on the horizon, consider a pre-wedding relaxation session – a calming couples massage can help alleviate any pre-wedding jitters. After the wedding festivities, wind down with a soothing massage for you and your spouse. Other occasions, such as vacations and retirement, also provide a perfect setting for a couple’s massage.

In addition to the couple’s massage, enjoying a couple spa package is another excellent choice.

Do both individuals in a couple's massage receive the same type of massage?

During a couple’s massage, both individuals typically receive a similar treatment to ensure a consistent experience in terms of massage technique and pressure. However, if one person has specific preferences or needs, you can communicate them to your massage therapist for personalized adjustments while still maintaining a similar overall experience for both individuals. It’s important to discuss any specific requests or concerns with your massage therapist both before and during the session.

Specifically, with RMT couple massages, the treatment is customized based on your individual needs and preferences.